esencafrAIRE-B Informatique - 21 Quai Nobel 66000 Perpignan - 04 48 07 04 11
esencafrAIRE-B Informatique - 21 Quai Nobel 66000 Perpignan - 04 48 07 04 11

Repaires and maintenance

Notebooks, desktops etc.

On all brands we offer reinstallation services, virus removal, changing of parts and equipment upgrades. Free estimates provided.

maintenance and professional services

TPE, PME, Associations

It’s in our best interest to get your personal computer systems back in working order.

Web Projects

Presentation is important to us.

Presenting your company on the Internet is essential today, at AIRE-B Computers our goal is to satisfy our customers.  With a clean simplistic web design, we hope you can navigate easily !

Equipment for sale

In stock or on order

Hard drives, network equipment, screens, keyboards, mouses, laptop parts, graphics cards, cpus, and other hardware equipment.

General queries

All categories

If you are having any computer issues at home ,don’t worry. Aire B Computers will call out to you the next day following your call, if requested.

Other services

Your Web Projects

We have very power tools to upgrade or create any web services at your request.

Customize it to your liking

Building Your own PC

At Aire B computers we can also build your very own custom pc. You can bring in parts that you bought online, or you can buy them in store. Once you have all the items to build your pc, bring them into Aire B and we will put it together for you. It’s that simple !

Last informations (in French)

Advice, information, tutorials, explanations, do not miss our articles.

    Windows, MAC, Linux

    We offer hardware and software repairs on major systems namely, Windows, MAC and Linux. Prices may vary a bit between MACs and others.

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