21 Quai Nobel 66000 Perpignan - 04 48 07 04 11
21 Quai Nobel 66000 Perpignan - 04 48 07 04 11

Services for individuals

Repairs, troubleshooting, sales,

Some of our services


Slowness, windows that open everywhere, sometimes the most powerful antivirus is not enough. Give us your computer 24 hours for complete disinfection.

Data retrieval

External disk that no longer « open » computer that no longer starts, standby USB key found in a drawer. We take care of recovering your compromised data.


Nothing better than a clean system to start on a good basis. We offer reinstallation either with data recovery or without.


Laptop that no longer charges or has to tamper with the charger until it finds the right position. This is a sign of a failed power connector.

Screen change

Due to improper handling, the screen of your laptop may have broken, we may offer new or refurbished equipment.

PC editing

We offer configurations for all types of use, office, Gaming, photo editing. Prices vary from 300 € to 800 € on our range, otherwise on estimate.

MAC Users

  • Reinstallation, update
  • Hardware evolution
  • Reset before resale
  • Data retreval
  • Parts change
  • Dedusting

Our mounted computer proposals

Mouse keyboard and installed operating system includes.

The Prim

The quiet


Les composants

Processeur: Pentium G4400
Mémoire: 4Go
Stockage: 1To HDD
OS: Ubuntu
Carte mère: VGA, USB 3.0

The Regular

Classical Computer


Les composants

Processeur: Pentium G4400
Mémoire: 4Go DDR4
Stockage: 250Go SSD
OS: WIndows 10
Carte mère: HDMI, USB 3.0

The Tramontane

The versatile



Processeur: i7 6700
RAM: 8Go
Disque: 250Go SSD
OS: Windows 10
Carte mère: HDMI, USB 3.0


For various reasons you can not move to Perpignan to leave us your computer, AIRE-B Informatique proposes you to move to your home. The cost of the trip is 40 € (fixed) for Perpignan and its small belt (Saint Esteve, Cabestany, Toulouges etc.) If the movement must go beyond this area then it will be added 0.50 € km to your home and return to Perpignan, here is an example of the cost for some villages of the department:

Ink cartridges

In our local you will find a stock of ink cartridges for your printers. The cartridges will be mostly refilled, the planet and your wallet will thank you but it will also be possible to buy new.

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